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About This Website

About Website

Our website was created for anyone who wants to learn about family planning. Ways to prevent pregnancy are explained in an easy-to-understand language, with medical terms, and without boring people.

Preventing or terminating an unwanted pregnancy is a decision that people make of their own free will. Not having enough information about Contraception should not prevent people from using this freedom. In addition, information about contraception and preventing pregnancy needs to be taught in schools.

With this in mind, we are trying to give preliminary information about birth control pills, ways to prevent pregnancy, and methods of terminating an unwanted pregnancy.

We have divided the site into sections for easy understanding of contraception information:

The “Birth Control General” section contains general information about birth control. The most general and superficial information that people who do not want to have a baby should know is gathered here.

The category “Contraceptive Devices” provides information on various devices used for contraception. Here, non-chemical, non-operational, and easy-to-use tools are mentioned.

The “Contraceptive Methods” section provides information on behavior patterns and behavior methods that can prevent pregnancy.

The “Male Contraception” category contains information about contraception methods, tools, and pills to be administered by men. The issue of preventing unwanted births is generally known to be a woman’s responsibility, but recent studies have also focused on imposing responsibilities on men.

The “Natural Ways” section is a section that talks about natural ways to prevent pregnancy. Here, methods such as the “calendar method” are discussed.

In the category of “Operations”, operational methods applied to prevent pregnancy are discussed. Topics such as surgical sterilizations are covered in this section.

In the “Birth Control Pills” section, you can find general information about Birth Control Pills, usage warnings, and side effects. In addition, user reviews about the most well-known contraceptive pill brands and products on the market are also included in this section.

The information given on this site does not replace the doctor’s advice, it just includes what you need to know before going to the doctor. As with birth, the supervision and control of a doctor are absolutely necessary for birth control and pregnancy prevention procedures.

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