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There are many methods that you can use these days. You may wonder which ones of these are better. Here, we are looking at the top birth control ways, from least to best at forestalling pregnancy.


Our first spot is the old-fashioned condom, a time-tested birth control technique that is, well, less time tested than you may trust. In any event, when a male condom is utilized accurately, it’s just 85% viable at forestalling pregnancy. (Female condoms are just 79% powerful.) Though condoms can’t promise you a without pregnancy sexual coexistence, condoms are the main birth control technique on this rundown that forestall against STIs.

Birth Control shots

Another pregnancy-avoidance strategy is the birth control shot. This hormone shot is regulated by a specialist and can keep clients sans pregnancy for a quarter of a year. At the point when the shot is utilized on time, it is 94% powerful. While it’s a lower-support choice than the pill, it requires a specialist’s visit and the resistance of needles.

Birth Control pill, patch, and ring

For the needle-haters, there are three strategies for birth control tying at the fifth spot in pregnancy counteraction. This trio is the birth control pill, the birth control patch, and the vaginal ring. Every one of the three discharges hormones into the body, forestalling ovulation and controlling the hormonal cycle. These three are 91% viable, and probably the most reasonable alternatives on the birth control showcase. The main drawback? They require a little support, the pill must be taken each day simultaneously, the patch ought to be supplanted each week, and the vaginal ring ought to be supplanted each 3 a month.


A more compelling alternative than the shot is a Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive, or, a LARC. LARCs incorporate IUDs and hormonal inserts, the two of which are carefully embedded into the body. LARCs are 99% viable, and some of them keep going for as long as ten years. While they are a low-support choice, they are more costly than a pill, patch, or vaginal ring, and their inclusion requires a specialist’s visit.


Sterilization is a surgery that for all time disturbs the Fallopian tubes, keeping the egg and sperm from meeting. It is also known as getting your tubes tied. Without protection inclusion, these medical procedures may cost up to $6,000 and ought not to be thought of as reversible. Unlike other methods, sterilization is a lifetime decision. It basically should be considered a change to stay. While sterilization is 99% viable, it’s anything but a choice one should make gently.