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How to Choose the Right Birth Control For You?

Individuals’ bodies react diversely to various methods, and it may take a little experimentation to discover a type of contraception that fits with your way of life and requirements. Here is a fundamental summary of birth control methods you can look over, starting with the least nosy and least successful and complete with the most meddlesome and best.

Barrier Methods

Barrier methods incorporate condoms, diaphragms, wipes, and cervical caps (the last three of which are frequently utilized related to spermicide). These methods give a barrier that shields the cervix from entering sperm. Male condoms are 85% successful when utilized with some level of human blunder (otherwise known as, ordinarily), diaphragms are 88% compelling all alone, while cervical caps and birth control wipes are around 70-85% viable without spermicide. Barrier methods are sans reaction, however, they should be applied each time before sex. (Diaphragms can be kept in for 24 hours, and cervical caps can be kept in for 48, however, you’ll need to reapply spermicide before each example of sex.) Condoms are likewise the ONLY method of birth control that forestalls the spread of STIs.


Withdrawal, or “the draw out method” is the point at which a man pulls out before climax, discharging endlessly from the vagina so sperm can’t enter the lady’s body. It’s really 78% compelling when performed effectively, however doing this privilege can be precarious, as it includes practicing a significant level of restraint in a short time span. Nonetheless, it’s free and accompanies no symptoms (with the exception of a 22% pregnancy rate).

Hormonal Methods with Upkeep

The birth control pill, patch, and vaginal ring are three birth control methods that require day by day, week by week, or month to month upkeep and work by emanating engineered hormones into the body. These hormones (man-made estrogen and progesterone, called progestin) forestall ovulation and thicken the cervical bodily fluid, making it increasingly hard for sperm to swim. Hormonal birth control has reactions, some of which can be irritating or agonizing, similar to cerebral pains, queasiness, low moxie, bosom delicacy, and crankiness, and some of which can be sure, similar to clear skin, light and ordinary periods, and insurance from ovarian and cervical malignancies. A few ladies decide to take hormonal birth control for its medical advantages past pregnancy avoidance; a few ladies are exceptionally delicate to its negative reactions. Everything relies upon your body. Most birth control pills contain a mix of estrogen and progestin and stay powerful whenever taken each day, regardless of what time of day. Progestin-just pills cause no estrogen-related reactions, however, they should be taken each day inside a similar three-hour window to stay successful. Birth control patches must be changed each week; vaginal rings must be changed each month.

Hormonal Method with Less Upkeep

One birth control method that conveys pregnancy-forestalling hormones for an extensive stretch of time, however, is definitely not a Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptive is the Depo-Provera shot. This shot conveys three months’ worth of hormones into the body and can be utilized like other hormonal methods to control periods. Nonetheless, it is an enormous portion of hormones and can deliver more momentary symptoms than lower portion hormonal methods that require less upkeep. The Depo-Provera shot is likewise the main type of birth control decisively connected with some level of weight gain.


Sterilization (a vasectomy for men or tubal ligation for ladies) is a medical procedure that for all time expels the alternative of pregnancy from the table. This method is the best way of life change (a full elective medical procedure that may require long stretches of recuperation and results in a deep-rooted choice), in return for the best degree of pregnancy security.

Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARCs)

Long-Acting Reversible Contraceptives require a specialist’s inclusion yet keep going for quite a long time at once. They incorporate hormonal embed and IUDs. Hormonal inserts are bars loaded with engineered hormones that are embedded into the arm and can shield you from pregnancy for as long as five years. There are two sorts of IUDs (intrauterine gadgets): copper and hormonal. Copper IUDs contain no hormones, simply copper—which normally repulses sperm. Hormonal IUDs contain similar engineered hormones found in other hormonal birth control methods, just in an organization that can keep delivering for as long as twelve years. They accompany reactions, much the same as some other hormonal methods. Copper IUDs are hormonal reactions free, however, can be progressively difficult to embed and can bring about briefly excruciating periods. LARCs are the best type of birth control other than sterilization, with a triumph pace of 99%. On the off chance that you can move beyond the underlying specialist’s visit, they require minimal measure of upkeep, as well.

With regards to your birth control, it’s everything about what works best for you and your body. Converse with a specialist about your preventative alternatives to begin exploring the correct fit.