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Collective Review of Birth Control Methods

Review of Birth Control Methods

Review of Birth Control Methods

Birth control is a necessary step to stabilize life on the earth. Birth control is required not only to prevent undesirable pregnancies but also for global population regulation.

Many countries (including China, India, and Mexico) maintain a special policy, focused on birth control. More often, the birth control strategy is kept throughout the nation and governed by social regulations and laws. But these methods are not sufficient to protect people from unplanned pregnancy.

Birth control is vital and required not only in densely populated countries for economic and social development guarantees. Birth control is required everywhere as the number of abortions and undesirable pregnancies increases annually. As for statistics, the number of teenagers starting sexual life is increased and in certain cases, it may lead to serious consequences, namely pregnancy.

But birth control is required not only for teenagers. A lot of adult people have sex, but they aren’t ready for pregnancy. For this reason, birth control information should be provided to everyone to learn how to protect themselves from undesirable pregnancies and to make life easier.

Today there is a number of birth control methods. Contraceptives became an integral part of everyday life and help to secure couples against unplanned pregnancy which can lead to problems or even splits.

Birth control is a general idea combining several methods and remedies used for the interruption of pregnancy or for the prevention of fertilization. So, it is not only contraceptives but also abortion, surgical intervention, and some other remedies.

Methods of birth control are individual and everyone selects the most suitable, effective, and safe for an organism.

Review of birth control methods

The most popular method of birth control is contraceptives. Today, many various contraceptives help to prevent undesirable pregnancies.

The most popular methods of contraception are natural contraception methods, hormonal contraception, and barrier contraception.

Natural contraception methods are safe for the woman’s organism and do not include medications, condoms, or chemical additives. The natural contraception method is used to calculate so-called safe days when the risk to become pregnant is minimum.

Natural contraception includes:

• temperature method
• cervical method
• calendar method
• interrupted sexual intercourse

All these methods are really effective but don’t provide a high level of protection from undesirable pregnancy, therefore in the use of natural contraception, it is necessary to be very careful and thoroughly check everything before sexual intercourse.

Barrier contraception is one of the most reliable methods to prevent pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted diseases. This method is called because barriers are created and spermatozoa don’t reach the ovum.

Barrier contraception includes:

• male and female condoms (unique contraception remedies protecting from an HIV-infection and sexually transmitted diseases)
• diaphragm
• uterine cap

According to statistics, barrier contraception is the most popular and effective method of birth control.

Hormonal contraception is a birth control method with various medical applications. Medications control ovulation and help to prevent pregnancy.

Hormonal contraception includes:

• oral contraceptives
• hormonal injections
• Mirena hormonal intrauterine device
• post-coitus contraception

Hormonal contraception is effective in 99 % of cases and protects from undesirable pregnancy, even after unprotected sexual intercourse. Hormonal contraceptives work very quickly and effectively and are often used when long contraception is required (daily contraception for a long time) or in case of emergency, after sexual intercourse.

Contraceptives reduce the risk of pregnancy and risks of sexually transmitted infectious diseases. Therefore, now contraceptives are widely advertised. Only contraceptives can provide regulated birth control and prevent many people from unplanned pregnancies.

Methods of birth control include an emergency interruption of pregnancy abortion.

Abortion is an artificial interruption of pregnancy accompanied by a fetus murder. Abortions are spent to 12 weeks from conception because after a fetus is already developed and abortions are forbidden at this term.

In many countries of the world, abortions are judged and even try to forbid this emergency pregnancy interruption. But for today there is no other effective birth control method after conception, therefore daily many women have an abortion to interrupt undesirable pregnancy.

Certainly, this can be avoided if properly using contraceptives, therefore before sexual intercourse, just think of it.