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Advantages and Disadvantages of Contraceptive Sponge

Advantages and Disadvantages of Contraceptive Sponge

What are the Disadvantages of Contraceptive Sponge

Birth Control Sponge has some advantages as well as some disadvantages. Advantages and Disadvantages of Contraceptive Sponge are not valid for one user at the same time, they are positive or negative situations that occur for users in different situations.

What is a Sponge?

Vaginal contraceptive sponge, the way a barrier to preventing pregnancy. In other words, the sponge acts as a barrier to prevent sperm from entering the cervix. The sponge contains a spermicide located in the cervix and kills sperm before they can enter. The sponge is more effective with women who have had children than women who have. In normal mode, use a sponge, about 16% of women become pregnant within a year. With perfect use and the right side of a sponge, about 9% of women become pregnant in one year.

Because vaginal barrier methods, including sponges, to protect the neck, can help prevent some sexually transmitted diseases. Studies on the basis of protection of vaginal barrier methods are not compatible. That’s why women should use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. When used in conjunction with the male condom, the default is only 2%.


This method of barrier and spermicide into one. It provides protection for 12 hours. You do not need to change the towels if sex periodicals are in this period. Sponges are easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Also available without a prescription. It shall enter into force immediately. You do not need any prior consultation and examination by a doctor to use. In addition, you can insert a sponge, when your partner is not present.


Some of the girls are difficult to accurately place the sponge and remove it. Or maybe forget to bring it all together. The contraceptive sponge is valid for use with condoms. To reduce the risk of contracting STDs. Some people are allergic to the spermicide used in the sponge. Women who use contraceptive sponges may have yeast infections and urinary tract infections. Abuse, such as leaving a sponge for too long can lead to toxic shock syndrome. Do not leave sponges for more than 30 hours. Sponges should be stored in a clean, cool, dark place, not in the glove compartment of a car, or in a bag.

Advantages of Contraceptive Sponge

-For either the woman or the man, it does not affect future fertility.
-It can be used only at the time of sexual intercourse.
-It is safe to use while breastfeeding.
-It is available in drugstores without a prescription.

Disadvantages of Contraceptive Sponge

-Some people are embarrassed to use this method or feel the method interrupts foreplay or intercourse.
-The couple must be comfortable with using the sponge and be prepared to use it every time they have sex.
-The sponge is not recommended for use during the first 6 weeks after having a baby.
-Failure rates for the sponge and other barrier methods are higher than for most other methods of birth control.

If You Can Get It and How Much Will It Cost?

You can buy a piece of sponge in most pharmacies and other stores that sell condoms and personal hygiene. In North America, the cost of each sponge is about $ 3-5.00 each, and from March to December of sponges in the package. In the United Kingdom and Canada, prices are likely to be similar.