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Basics of Contraceptive Sponge You Need to Know

Basics of Contraceptive Sponge

Basics of Contraceptive Sponge

If you are considering using a birth control sponge, you should first acquire the most basic information about it. You should have brief information about its legal status, usage, and effectiveness. Therefore, we recommend that you read this short article on Basics of Contraceptive Sponge.

What are the Basics of Contraceptive Sponge

A contraceptive sponge is a simple form of birth control that works like a diaphragm without a prescription. This is a sponge soaked in the counter spermicide that is introduced into the vagina before sex.

It can be inserted up to 2 hours before intercourse and must be submitted 8 hours after intercourse. He works as a barrier form of birth control (because it prevents sperm from reaching an egg using a barrier of sponge), and as a contraceptive spermicide.

It is believed, that the average efficiency ratio (compared with other options, such as oral contraceptives, condoms, diaphragms, injections of hormones, the female condom, and patch). The sponge is easy to insert, comfortable, and easy to remove.

You can use the same sponge for multiple sexual contacts (as long as you leave it in 8 hours after the last incident and do not let in more than 12 hours total). Contraceptive sponge effective way to prevent an unwanted pregnancy without taking hormones in the body.


Contraceptive sponges have a bad reputation for causing yeast infections and other vaginal infections. They are not effective in preventing the spread of STDs (sexually transmitted infections).

It may be hard to find contraceptive sponges in some countries as the largest producer of sponge contraceptives in the U.S. (Today Sponge) has ceased manufacturing the product in the 1990s because of the FDA investigation at the plant today.

The investigation found dangerous bacteria in the production chain and demanded that the plant has to modernize its production methods to prevent the problem of bacteria. The changes proposed were too expensive, so discontinued the Today sponge.

Historical Basics of Contraceptive Sponge

The fact that the production of the birth control sponge was stopped in the past had such an impact on the market that you will see this subject frequently mentioned on the internet (even on this website). Currently, there are other companies that produce contraceptive sponges, but you can look online to find them.