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The Way to Using Contraceptive Sponge

Using Contraceptive Sponge

Using Contraceptive Sponge

Convenient, comfortable, and effective. What else?
Among the many contraceptive methods available on the market, a sponge is probably the easiest to use and not even half of disorders, such as, for example, a diaphragm or cervical cap, because when enabled, then there is nothing to worry about it. Of course, it always means that the woman using it must be very comfortable with his own body in order to properly insert it into the vagina, or cervix, before intercourse, and then remove it after 6 hours of the last contact.

But, they say, learn to use a sponge and will eventually lose this feeling, which dominates the first two awkward times use it as learning to use contact lenses. And to think, there are millions of women who are already doing on a daily basis for quick sides, they can perform operations with their contacts without a mirror or even in complete darkness. It may be hoped “a sponge, too …

Contraceptive sponge, sponge, disposable polyurethane foam that, when wet, the fabric looks like a vagina filled with spermicide, is enough to make it effective for a maximum of 24 hours of inclusion without the addition of other sexual acts between spermicide (as in the case of membrane). It is the concave side, which is intended to cover the cervix during insertion, and the gum, which must always come down to the sponge to be removed after intercourse.

Although the sponge is not exactly the most effective method of birth control, with an efficiency rate of 88-91% among women who use it correctly, and each time they make love (I believe it’s true what they say to win, lose some), its accessibility and ease of use make it a favorite for women around the world.

The Way to Using Contraceptive Sponge

Insert the sponge before sexual intercourse, it can be a little awkward at first, but over time, as you get the hang of it, and the more it is not a big problem in the first place. First, wash your hands with soap and water to be able to submit a sponge in the vagina – you must also do so when you remove it if you don’t want to start an infection.

Take the sponge and its packaging, with the concave side up, and put it under running water in the wet. When he has absorbed enough water to squeeze out the sponge fingers for foam – do not worry if it gets really frothy, because that is what must intensify the spermicide that it contains. Then put the sponge in the vagina (at the bottom with an elastic loop) and place it on the cervix – make sure it stays in place to prevent displacement in the jaws of sexual intercourse.

You can insert the towel at any time before intercourse and are effective immediately. How it works to protect against unwanted pregnancy (but not from sexually transmitted diseases!) Just as easy as it is used: polyurethane foam provides both physical and chemical barriers against sperm, collapsed foam enters the uterus and absorbs sperm, while it releases the spermicide kills.

As for the diaphragm and caps, you’re not taking the sponge until six hours after the last sexual act, otherwise, its effect will be completely eliminated. Also, do not forget to remove the sponge inside the vagina (by inserting a finger, the connection by pulling the loop and slowly) after a break of 6 hours – but you can leave up to 24 hours of insertion. As soon as you leave, throw the towel in the trash, and use the next time use the new.

Well, if you really think this is as good as it gets, so you are just a little sore – the contraceptive sponge has a few flaws, and probably most important is that not as effective as other r means of birth control. In addition, it is the fact that the sponge works best for women who have never had vaginal, women, who, after at least one pregnancy are more likely to get pregnant again, using the sponge, as the sole method of birth control.

Although the sponge has no side effects because it does not use hormones (for example, it does not affect a woman’s levels of natural hormones) If women were to use it on a regular basis had a problem with it. First, the sponge is not recommended if you have a history of toxic shock syndrome or an allergy to polyurethane or spermicide if you have a vaginal infection, menstruation, or if your vagina is abnormal. Until you show any of the above, the only problem you may encounter when using the sponge is difficulty finding. Because the vaginal muscles tighten around him and also have a place, it is quite possible that you could not get it as easily as you inserted.

However, do not panic if this happens: just take a deep breath and tighten the vagina and lower abdominal muscles to push off. If you do not have any further problems, relax, wait a few minutes and try again later, but without thinking, “Oh, my God!” This thing is stuck in me, what should I do? What should I cause?

In addition, the contraceptive sponge can be purchased without a prescription, and as long as you read the instructions and follow them accordingly, you should have no problems. The sponge will not affect your daily life, is one method of contraception that is very private and can not be felt during intercourse. What can a woman do? So, ladies, stay safe, and you will not be disappointed later!