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What Are Female Condoms?

A female condom is a long plastic pocket, typically made of nitrile, an artificial sans latex elastic. It goes inside your body during sex. Adaptable rings at the two finish hold it set up. The condom lines the dividers of your vagina and gathers semen and different liquids.

How Effective Are Female Condoms?

Female condoms work nearly just like male condoms as long as you use them accurately. They’re about 95% viable, which implies that in a year, 5 out of 100 ladies who use them the correct way every time will get pregnant. Contrast that with 2 out of 100 ladies whose accomplices consistently utilize male condoms effectively.

For couples that don’t generally utilize it the correct way, around 21 out of 100 ladies will get pregnant consistently. For male condom clients, that number is 18.

Female condoms won’t take out your danger of getting an explicitly transmitted sickness (STD), however, they do significantly cut your odds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Female Condoms

The birth control you use is an individual decision. In any case, a few ladies and couples may favor female condoms over the ones that a man wears in light of the fact that:

  • They aren’t made of latex, which bothers a few people’s skins.
  • You put them in before sex, so you don’t need to stop what you’re doing as you do with a male condom.
  • You don’t need to expel them directly after sex, so you can appreciate the minute more.
  • You can put one in up to 8 hours before sex, so you don’t need to interfere with the disposition.
  • Ladies can decide to utilize them if their accomplices would prefer not to wear a condom.
  • They remain set up even the male loses his erection.

Some normal objections about male condoms can remain constant for the female form, as well. Reasons individuals don’t care for them include:

  • They cost more than male condoms.
  • There’s just one size.
  • They can disturb your or your accomplice’s skin.
  • They’re somewhat less compelling at forestalling pregnancy and STDs than male condoms.
  • They can be boisterous, yet you can utilize more oil help or put it in ahead of schedule so it has the opportunity to get ready to internal heat level.
  • They can slip out during sex.

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