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What Is The Pull-Out Method? (Withdrawal)

The pull-out method, or withdrawal method, is one of the birth control methods that people who want to use natural birth control ways prefer. This method is commonly used because it does not require any additional medicine or device.

Unfortunately, withdrawal is perhaps the least effective birth control method. It is prone to have many unexpected pregnancies and accidents. Still, it is much better than not using any birth control method.

So, it is usually only suitable for couples who would be happy to have a pregnancy, but don’t particularly have attempts for it yet.

How Does the Withdrawal Method Work?

The man removes his penis from the lady’s vagina before he discharges so less sperm get inside. Be that as it may, it isn’t as simple as it sounds. The man needs a great deal of control to time it right. It doesn’t work in the event that he can’t feel when he’s the near climax or if he’s so up to speed at the time that he doesn’t pull out in time.

Here are a few hints to make it work better:

  • Utilize a spermicide.
  • Try not to depend on withdrawal when you’re well on the way to getting pregnant. You can monitor which days are most secure with an ovulation schedule.
  • Have the male pee before sex to get out any sperm that may have gotten an ambitious start.
  • Be sure no ejaculation gets on your upper thighs or crotch. Sperm on your skin can find its way inside.

How Effective Is The Withdrawal Method?

Pulling out is certainly not a solid method to forestall pregnancy. It works about 78% of the time, which implies that over a time of utilizing this method, 22 out of 100 ladies would get pregnant. By examination, condoms are 98% compelling when utilized accurately unfailingly.

Problems with the Withdrawal Method

Notwithstanding not forestalling pregnancy such well, this is definitely not a decent method of birth control in light of the fact that:

  • It does nothing to shield you from explicitly transmitted sicknesses (STDs).
  • It takes a great deal of control for the man to pull out before discharge.
  • The lady has no control by any means.
  • Regardless of whether he pees before sex, the man can even now discharge a liquid before he discharges. This is called pre-discharge and it contains sperm.

Be that as it may, for couples who wouldn’t see any problems with an unexpected pregnancy, the withdrawal method may benefit. It’s free, advantageous, and natural. It has no chemical side effects, and you don’t have to see a specialist or get a prescription.