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What are the Advantages of Birth Control Pills

Advantages of Birth Control Pills

Advantages of Birth Control Pills

The Different Types of Birth Control
It is no surprise that modern medical science has produced numerous forms and methods of contraception, yet only a few have earned the consumers’ trust by ensuring both safe and effective performance. A given method must provide able results while being both convenient and easy to use, all while being financially accessible.

Luckily, there are several types of contraception available right now, fitting any particular customer’s demands. If you require a long-lasting solution, with no regard for its reversibility, one might recommend an implant or surgery; if you want to stop having to worry about getting pregnant without the constant use of condoms or other barrier devices, a hormonal birth control solution may be fit for you – if you ever wish to become pregnant, simply stop using it and fertility will return in a matter of weeks.

On this website, we picture some of the most widely used forms of contraception, while accommodating the option to buy birth control online from our web store. Provided below are some of the general facts about the modern methods of birth control.

Safety and Effectiveness of Birth Control
If we count out surgical sterilization (which is by far the most statistically effective pregnancy prevention method with a failure rate of under 0.3%), the most effective birth control option is the use of hormonal drugs, followed by barrier contraceptives. Combination pills, the most widely used form of hormonal contraception, provide superior protection, with only a 1%-2% failure rate for most drug brands. On the other hand, barrier contraceptives (male and female condoms, diaphragm) have a stunning 14% failure rate, far over the required amount for a healthy and plentiful sexual life. These are of course purely statistical amounts, and the applicability of a given method varies a lot depending on the situation.

Yet, if you are taking the pills on a regular basis without skipping, you can rest assured that you are well protected. There are, however, certain conditions required to be met in order to use hormonal drugs. Before you buy birth control online, consult your doctor for more information about a particular drug.

Advantages of Birth Control Pills over Other Methods
Along with the outstanding effectiveness of hormone-based medications, they are also exceptionally easy to use. These drugs are taken on a daily regimen, not requiring any additional actions before or after sexual intercourse. The main ingredients – hormones progestin or estrogen (or their combination) help to balance out several bodily processes, ensuring a healthier, more feminine outlook.

Other advantages include:
The Pill provides reversible contraception, meaning you can discontinue its use at any time if you want to be able to become pregnant. These drugs do not affect your future fertility and their use will not cause you to become permanently infertile.
Hormonal medications enable lighter and more regular periods as well as reduce the intensity of menstrual cramps.
Women regain fertility only several weeks after ceasing the use of pills.
Pills may be effectively used at any age, up from 14 years old.
Using the pills reduces the risk of developing fibroadenoma, ovarian and endometrial cancer, pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, anemia, and osteoporosis.
Most of these drugs will help improve mild to moderate acne.